Privacy Policy

Yaman Halawi website is a personal website directed to communicate the sole opinions and ideas of its owner. Nevertheless, it is totally up to change at any time. The website only collects the information that you chose to give when interacting with the website pages and forms, and we process it with your consent; it only requires the minimum amount of information that is necessary to fulfill the purpose of your interaction with the website; I don’t sell it to third parties and will only use your information to get a chance and get in touch with you for future updates.

By adding your information for commenting purposes or discussions, you’re accepting that some of this information will be public for all the readers or visitors. You can request the deletion of it whenever you like.

You’re not going to experience an excessive amount of emails into your inbox from us, we’re going to send verification and downloading emails, platform changes, and frequent newsletters from both yamanhalawi.com and yellaglobal.com

There are some add-ons and plugins running in the background on this website that might request to run some cookies on your browser. check the Cookie Policy.

No matter where you are, where you live, or what your citizenship is, the website is provided with the same standard of privacy.